Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pen vs. Pixels

I've been practicing my inking skills again coz I haven't been inking for more than four years now. So I drew something few weeks ago and ink it myself. The drawings below shows how accurate it will be if any pencil drawings were inked with pen...versus the pencil darkening which is only manipulation of the pencil lines. ;)

Above is my pencil of Kitty pride in pencil. (actually the other arm was quite short so I had to re-draw it before inking.)

I manipulated the pencil lines to make it look like it has been inked.

Here's my inking using pen and brush. I refined the lines with smaller pen tip and used a brush on the hair for softer highlight.


Blogger johnnyjustice said...


I totally agree with NOT using the computer to ink. I personally cannot stand "dinking", and I don't think that I have to mention the names that use this "technique", ahem, Michael Turner, ahem.

Anyway, keep up the AWESOME work - you are a true staple in the comics industry IMO.

Take care,


3:09 PM  
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