Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Think Before You Ink Part 5 0f 9


Next I inked the guy in the suit. Morningstar, I think his name is. All freehand with a 102 nib, except for the gradations which I used a french curve on. The buttons on his suit are freehand as well. Another tip: if the penciler uses a template, you should too. But if he’s drawn circles freehand, you should ink them freehand. It just looks more organic and fits the style better.

Again, I use the same approach on each figure. I ink the biggest contour lines first , then feathering and gradations, hair last. A hair dryer comes in handy to quick dry areas of wet ink as you go. Other people like to work on two or three pages at once so they can switch pages as another page is drying. I like to focus on one page at a time unless I’m in a mad deadline rush.


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